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For car repairs and car services (inc. tow bar fitting, remapping, and MOT testing) in Newport, Cwmbran, and beyond, call Archway Vehicle Repair on 01633 254 717

High-quality Car garage in Newport & Cwmbran

Welcome to Archway Vehicle Repair – Newport’s most reliable family-run garage.

We provide essential garage services for our customers across Newport and the surrounding area. These range from essential car repairs and car services, to diagnostics checks and a full remapping service. We also provide tow bar fitting services to any make and model of car. Archway Vehicle Repair also serves as your local MOT testing centre.

We have our own team of mechanics with decades of experience between them. Likewise, our car service centre has all the tools and equipment we need to deliver first-rate garage services. This applies to all our customers in Newport, Cwmbran, and further afield.

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From our Garage in Newport

As the leading provider of garage services in Newport, we have much to offer customers in the area. Here are some of our more popular services…

Car repairs in Newport & Cwmbran

As one of the area’s best-established family-run garages, you can rely on Archway Vehicle Repair for high-quality car repairs. Whether it’s buffing out a scratch in your paintwork or fixing a clapped out car engine, we can help. We can even provide a recovery service to get your car to our garage, should it not be fit to drive.

Car service in Newport & Cwmbran

Regular car servicing is an effective way to keep your car in top condition. By checking all the key parts every year or so, you are given advance warning of any wear-and-tear damage. This allows you to plan more effectively for the future, replacing any worn parts before the damage becomes too great.

Re-mapping in Newport & Cwmbran

Remapping your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) is a great way to boost your car’s performance. At Archway Vehicle Repair, we can perform a full car diagnostic check on your vehicle to identify areas for improvement. With this raw data, we can remap your ECU accordingly, allowing your vehicle to operate at optimal efficiency.

Tow bar fitting in Newport & Cwmbran

Here at Archway Vehicle Repair, we are specialists in tow bar fitting. Whatever type of car you drive, we can source the perfect tow bar for your specific needs. We use only the best parts in all our tow bar fittings. These include brands such as Tow Trust, PCT, and Whitter.

MOT Testing in Newport & Cwmbran

Your annual MOT test is an essential part of your car’s regular maintenance schedule. Archway Vehicle Repair is a certified MOT testing centre for the Newport area. You can book a test with us over the phone and we provide a quick turnaround, wherever possible. Should your MOT test show the need for further work, we will let you know.

Why Choose Archway Vehicle Repair?

There are many reasons to choose us for your car repair and servicing needs. Here are some of the more common ones, based on extensive customer feedback.

As a family-run business, we understand the importance of keeping your car running at its optimum performance. For this reason, we ensure that all car repairs, car services, and MOT testing are performed quickly and efficiently. We treat your vehicle as if it was our own, delivering high-quality garage services you can rely upon.

Archway Vehicle Repair has been servicing the cars of Newport, Cwmbran, and beyond for more than 20 years. That already makes us one of the most well-established family-run garages in the area. Between us, our team of mechanics have been part of the industry for over three decades, ensuring quality every time.

With all our years in the business, we know a thing or two about cars. Whatever make or model you might be driving, we are confident that we will have seen one before, and probably worked on one. From budget family vehicles, to luxury high-end cars, we guarantee the same high standard of service for all our customers.

When you come to Archway Vehicle Repair – be it for car repairs or car services – you are guaranteed a quality experience. We only use the best components and materials from globally-respected brands for our garage services. These include tow bars from Tow Trust, PCT, and Whitter, as well as lubricants from Elf and Castrol.

You can find the Archway Vehicle Repair garage in Newport, Gwent, where we welcome all customers. If your car is in no position to be driven to our car service centre, we offer a recovery service. This applies to any customers within 20 miles of the garage, covering the whole of Newport, Cwmbran, and beyond.

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