MOT testing in Newport & Cwmbran

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Reliable MOT testing in Newport & Cwmbran

If you drive a vehicle in the UK, you are required by law to undertake an annual MOT test. Here at Archway Vehicle Repair, we provide a complete MOT testing service for customers across Gwent and beyond. We welcome drivers from around the region, offering a fast, efficient, MOT Testing solution.

We are a family-run garage with a 20+ year trading history in Newport. We are a registered MOT test centre, providing hundreds of MOT tests for our customers every year. We offer a reliable service and a quick turnaround for our customers here in Newport, as well as Cwmbran and beyond.

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MOT testing in Newport & Cwmbran

As the leading MOT test centre in Newport, we have much to offer our customers in the area. Here is what you can expect from us…

An end-to-end MOT test service

As a certified MOT testing centre for the Newport area, you can rest easy, knowing your car is in good hands. We have a team of skilled mechanics who perform all the checks expected of us by the Ministry of Transport. These are just some of the key areas that we investigate.

Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment

We check all your lights, including front, rear, and brake lights, as well as fog, indicator and registration plate lights. Front and rear reflectors are also inspected. We also check your horn, battery, and electrical wiring. If your car has a tow bar, we also inspect the wiring and lighting for any attached trailer.

Steering and suspension

Your car’s steering wheel needs to be secure and also in good condition, which our mechanics will check. If your car comes with power steering, we will also check the fluid levels in the reservoir. All parts of your suspension (including shock absorbers) are checked for excessive fractures, distortions, or corrosion.


Brakes are one of the most important part of your car. Our mechanics will test all brakes, clutches, levers, and pedals, checking their condition and looking out for signs of damage. They will also be checking that the relevant warning lights work. Our final check is to carry out a brake performance test to determine brake efficiency.

Tyres, wheels, and seat belts

Testing your tyres involves measuring the depth of your treads and checking for lumps, cuts, bulges, and tears. Any exposed cord or separated treads will also count as a fail. Your wheels must be in good condition, with the nuts being tightly secured in place. We will also check that your seat belts are working and the correct length.

Body, structure and general items

We check your bodywork for signs of structural damage, excessive corrosion and sharp edges. This include the panels, engine mountings, chassis, bonnet, seats, doors, and boot. We also ensure your registration plates are properly secured and your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is visible. We also check your speedometer to ensure it is operating correctly.

Exhaust, fuel and emissions

We inspect your exhaust system for sign of leaks, whilst also making sure it is securely attached to your vehicle. We also make sure your vehicle still has its catalytic converter, if it was originally fitted with one. We use a gas analyser probe to ensure your car’s hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions fall within the legal limit.

Driver’s view of the road

Being able to keep an eye on the road – to the front and back – is an important part of the MOT test. We will check that all mirrors are secure and provide a suitable view to the sides and rear of the car. We will also check your windscreen for signs of chips, cracks, and other damage.

Proper paperwork

There’s little point in having an MOT test without the paperwork to prove it. Once we have completed your MOT test we will – assuming your car passes – provide you with your annual certificate. If your car fails for any reason, we will provide you with the reason why. We will also offer our professional recommendations for resolving the issue.

Your local MOT test centre

Having a local, family-run garage as your nearest MOT testing centre makes the whole process less stressful. At Archway Vehicle Repair, we welcome customers from across Gwent and beyond to our Newport garage. Whether you are from Newport itself, nearby Cwmbran, or beyond, you’ll receive a warm welcome and quality service here.

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