ECU Remapping in Newport & Cwmbran

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Professional ECU remapping in Newport & Cwmbran

Remapping your engine control unit (or ECU) is a quick and cost-effective way to improve the performance of your car. Most modern cars are able to achieve far greater speeds than day-to-day experience would suggest. This is because manufacturers install limitations into the car’s computer, often as a legal requirement for the jurisdiction they are in. Remapping involves adjusting your vehicle’s ECU to overwrite these factory settings, allowing your car to meet its full potential.

Here at Archway Vehicle Repair, we have been remapping engines for our Newport customers for over 20 years. We have a range of remapping tools and software, suitable for almost any make or model. We help customers from across Gwent and beyond, including those right here in Newport, neighbouring Cwmbran, or further afield.

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Expert ECU remapping in Newport & Cwmbran

As the leading provider of engine remapping services in Newport & Cwmbran, we have much to offer our customers. These are some of the advantages of remapping your ECU.

Increased speed and power

The most noticeable benefit of ECU remapping is that it boosts your car’s performance – specifically regarding power and speed. Indeed, this is the most common reason most of our customers give when asking for an engine remap. When you are looking to get the most out of your engine, remapping is certainly an option you should consider.

Improved fuel economy

Improved engine efficiency can also lead to better fuel economy. With your remapped engine operating at peak performance, you get more miles per gallon for your fuel. It is only at the far end of the speedometer that fuel consumption becomes excessive. If you take it easy on the accelerator, you can be much more fuel-efficient.

Greater control

Aside from power and speed, your remapped engine responds quicker and offers greater acceleration. This makes your car easier to drive as moving through the gears becomes smoother. The engine itself operates cleanly and efficiently up and down the gear changes, with fewer starts and splutters. With experience, this gives you a much more sedate driving experience.

Easier towing

The mechanics at Archway Vehicle Repair are experts in tow bar fitting. That makes this benefit of remapping something of a speciality of ours. Having a remapped engine gives your car greater power, which can really help when pulling a trailer or caravan. Your car doesn’t have to strain so hard when pulling a load uphill, or accelerating.

Why Choose Archway Vehicle Repair?

There are many reasons to choose us for your ECU remapping needs. Here are some of the more common ones, based on extensive customer feedback.

Recovery service

ECU remapping should only be attempted by professional mechanics using the right equipment. You can find both of these at our Newport garage. However, if you are unable to make it here yourself, we offer a recovery service for any customer within 20 miles. This means we pick up and drop off your car for you, for a small fee.

Experienced mechanics

Our family-run garage in Newport has been running since 1998, providing essential remapping services. This already makes Archway Vehicle Repair one of the region’s longest-running car service centres. Beyond that, our team of fully-trained and qualified mechanics bring over three decades of experience with them to every remapping. This ensures a high-quality service every time.

Any make and model

With decades of experience in engine remapping, the mechanics at Archway Vehicle Repair are always in a position to help. We have the expertise and, of course, the technology to remap any make and model of car. Whatever you drive, so long as it has an engine control unit, we are able to remap it for you.

Your local garage services specialists

Our main car service centre is in Newport, Gwent. This is where we perform all of our engine remapping services. We welcome customers from across the county and beyond, including those from Cwmbran and further afield. If you need assistance getting your car to our family-run garage, we offer a recovery service for anyone within 20 miles.

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